Daily Painting – Exhibition

Uh oh…it’s been a week since I posted, shame on me! Just a blip though I assure you. The reason being that I haven’t done a great deal of new work. Just been applying some finishing touches to some paintings for my exhibition. It starts tomorrow (eeek) so I thought I’d share a few images of the collection.

I’m reverting back to doing portraits for a little while I think; see if all this first hand work has improved my eye at all! Will keep you posted on what I’m up to, but for now wish me luck with this exhibition 🙂 and feel free to post any feedback.

Liam x




Daily Painting – Tomatoes (Again…)


Don’t worry, this hasn’t turned into a ‘tomato painting blog’, I just wanted to paint a set for my exhibition that’s coming up (the other’s were too big for the space I’ve been designated). Once again it’s a set of three, that magic number. All good things come in threes apparantly. I’m one of three brothers and we’re all pretty damn awesome, so it must be true.

Anyway, as a composition it’s slightly offset to the right (i.e the central tomato isn’t dead centre) but this was to allow room for the full shadow, which for me is as important as the object itself.

Enjoy, and I promise no more tomatoes for a while now 🙂


Daily Painting – Onions


Been away this weekend and got back fairly late today, but I had just about enough time to fit a painting in before dark. I must have looked rather suspicious taking about 20 minutes to choose two onions in the supermarket (like I had some kind of OCD going on), but hey, it’s all in the name of art. Plus, strange behaviour is not unusual where I come from. But let’s not get onto that subject….

Enjoy my onions folks x

Daily Painting – White Wine


Probably still a work in progress this – it just needs another layer to deepen the shadows and brighten the highlights, but other than that it’s nearly there. The best thing is that as I write this, I’m sipping the same wine from the very same glass, while a beautiful brunette lovingly drops those same grapes into my mouth. Aaaah. Ok I may have made that last part up….

Anyway, as always I’ll post the finished painting when the time comes. Enjoy for now 🙂


Daily Painting – Orange Juice


Here’s another painting for my upcoming exhibition. The composition is fairly straightforward but there’s a lot of complexities which made it both challenging and enjoyable to paint :). The refracting light on the cylindrical glass creates a variety highlights and shadows. Then there’s the flesh of the orange, semi eclipsed by the glass. You can also see a vague reflection of the fruit in the left of the glass. There’s complimentary colours, the orange against the blue background, and the yellowey juice against the purple of the surface. All in all, I think it comes together pretty nicely.

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for the next one tomorrow!




Daily Painting – A work in progress


What’s the fastest cake in the world? . . . . . . . scone…

Hmm, ok, I’ll stick to the day job.

I wanted to finish this in one sitting, but I layered so much paint on trying to get the shape of the plate right that it’s now impossible to add any highlights. Grr. But it has the foundations and potential to look good. I think I’ll change the surface colour too, it’s all looking abit grim and murky at the minute.

Look out for the finished article soon :).



Daily Painting – Lemon and Lime


I have an exhibition coming up in March, with space for about 10 small paintings, so my trusty brushes are gonna be busy for the next couple of weeks. There’s no theme as such, but I want to do some nice still life’s of general, everyday subject matter. I already have a few ideas in my head but I’m more than open to any suggestions people might have. So let me know….your idea might be go down a treat in my exhibition :P.

Anyway, here’s a lemon and lime to get the ball rolling. It was looking slightly dull until I added the blue backdrop, which compliments the colours of the fruit and brings the whole thing together in my opinion.

Enjoy…look out for the next one tomorrow!